Final Corporate Identity

Why did I choose the first letter, “R” of my name, instead of my photo on the welcome page. Simply because, it is the closest I can get to sharing with you my heart (full of Light).
It represents my life’s mission – to inspire the heart of leaders with the Light of: Love, Integrity, Grace, Honor, and Truth so that they would in turn be the beacons of light to their people.
Welcome to DrRayCharles.com
In this portal I will share with you my story through the medium of blogging. I have coined it the journey of The Inventurer (The Individual’s Our Inward Adventure to effectively executing her Life’s Mission).  It’s a journey filled with Zigs and Zags, lots of pivots and lots of reinvention.  In time, the “why” becomes clearer, providing fuel to “the what,” which is, our living legacy.
Each one of us possess within us the DNA of an Inventurer. Part of my living legacy is sharing with you my Inventure.  It is my earnest desire that our muli-layered platform of Speaking, Coaching, Blogging, Training, conferences, etc. would trigger a shift in you for a better tomorrow.  I am humbled to serve.