This past week, two opportunities literally fell in my lap. Both were tied to public speaking. What’s amazing is about a month ago I decided to take my public speaking career to another level.

That pivot led to another decision …. to shut down my website and do a complete makeover so that the new site reflected my speaking/writing exclusively. The hurdle with that decision was that I knew nothing about web design. So (you guessed it) …. I decided to ask for help and someone in my #MasterMind group offered to develop my site for me.

While I appreciated the kind gesture, I recognized that my colleague was swamped at the moment. So I decided 24 hrs ago to contact my web hosting company, seek their assistance to completely shut down my site (move all of my folders in a quarantine folder) and turn to my online consultant, YouTube, for video tutorials on website creation.

Twenty four hrs later, from deciding to shut sown and rebuild (with ZERO knowledge) I now have the framework for a new Speaker/Writer website.

I am literally blown away by the power of a decision. 

the power of deciding

This experience has left me asking myself:

  • What other opportunities are on the horizon once you decide?

Whoever said “if you know more you would do more” clearly may have said it prior to the technology age.


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