When you hear the term “Three Dimensional” what comes to mind? For me, the first word that comes to mind is “weight.”

Have you ever met folks that were weighty in credentials but light in character?

Three Dimensional
Three Dimensional Perspective

This one question, (with credentials being more so in the realm of surface and character being built in the depth of one’s nature)  sets the premise, in my estimation, that there are really only two types of relationships:

  1. Two dimensional (X/Y, as in “X/Y chromosomes”) and
  2. Three dimensional, (X/Y/Z/) ….. “Z” here, per the above diagram, representing “Depth.”

So what does “X/Y” represent?

Glad you asked … It is my contention that “X/Y” represents the “Discover” and “Develop” phase of a relationship.

I remember when I first discovered my wife on the college campus of Howard University thirty plus years ago. One thing that was apparent from the very beginning was that I had to work on (develop) my pitch. My bait and line were weak and was not about to catch that fish….

it took some developing ya’ll


Ok, back on topic…But, even after the discovery and development, what was still required was the deepening commitment and conviction to resiliently make it through the swings from our intended goal(s).

So it is in the life of an inventurer: She discovers her life’s mission (usually accidentally or unintended); she works on her skills to overcome the challenge(s); but there comes a point in her journey where skills reaches a point of maximum elasticity. It is at this moment she decides that laying on the sword is not an option and the only option is to go deeper (through resilience and grit) into her inner fountain of life and purpose.


  • So what are the swings which you have or are experiencing in your journey?
  • Are you viewing your relationships (personal and/or business) from a two or three dimensional perspective?
  • What are you grateful for even in the midst of your challenges?


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